RE:SILIENT builds stronger, more agile, more effective businesses

RE:SILIENT provides customised solutions to enable businesses to meet the demands and challenges of the modern business environment. We offer high performance leadership training and bespoke business continuity consultancy.

Flexible and sustainable solutions

Every business and organisation will at some point encounter moments of extreme pressure and stress that will threaten to significantly impact their operational capability. Some of these moments will be due to external events out of our control, but some will also be due to weaknesses in planning, processes and infrastructure.

RE:SILIENT has a unique understanding of the factors and forces that can surprise and overwhelm businesses, and the expertise and insight to prepare for, overcome and thrive in challenging conditions.

RE:SILIENT is the trading subsidiary of RE:ACT Disaster Response charity. Utilising its humanitarian experience in disaster and crisis response in the most extreme and challenging environments, RE:SILIENT adapts fundamental practical lessons and training that can be applied to the business setting to solve complex problems.

Our approach is based on understanding the unique environment of each individual business we work with, creating ethical and sustainable solutions that not only build better businesses, but also help us to achieve our humanitarian objectives. All profits go directly to RE:ACT.