RE:SILIENT is the trading subsidiary of RE:ACT Disaster Response charity, which repurposes the skills and experience of military veterans to provide direct humanitarian action for the hardest to reach and most vulnerable people affected by disaster and crisis.

RE:SILIENT was formed because we wanted to make a difference to businesses and help them recover and build back stronger, in a similar way to the difference we make to communities affected by disaster. By directing all profits to RE:ACT, we can create a self-funded, sustainable charity that can help more people in need and deliver on our mission.

The catalyst was the success of RE:ACT’s emergency response to Covid-19, during which our charity rapidly mobilised to deliver huge impact to vulnerable communities and frontline services, including the NHS, ensuring they could continue to operate under enormous stress. We saw there was also an urgent need to help the UK economy recover, supporting businesses to get them back up and running, and building them to be stronger and better equipped for future challenges.

By drawing on our humanitarian experience and crisis expertise, RE:SILIENT offers businesses unique methods and insights that have been tried and tested under the most extreme conditions, and have been proven to deliver effective solutions to complex problems.