Communications/PR consultancy opportunity




Farnborough Hampshire and home working


  • Based in the UK.
  • Should be able to provide effective media relations, media training and PR counsel as well as initiating and executing creative campaigns that will help RE:SILIENT reach prospective customers, employees and partners.
  • Consultants should be able to garner earned media wins in top tier trade, business and national publications
  • Should be able to demonstrate the ROI of PR campaigns and media initiatives to RE:SILIENT executives and stakeholders


Communications/PR consultancy opportunity

Financials: £2,500 month and an initial contract of six months


RE:SILIENT is a Social Enterprise and the wholly owned subsidiary of RE:ACT, a disaster response charity. RE:SILIENT was formed last year to support RE:ACT and currently turnover £1.5m/month. We have  employees working in 5 locations across the South of England supporting businesses’ COVID initiatives through PCR testing. RE:SILIENT are also working with the DHSC providing Surge teams to support COVID outbreak control. Finally, the business also provides leadership training and resilience consulting.

RE:SILIENT has experienced hypergrowth since its inception and the business as a whole understand that an effective communications plan is not simply an adjunct but a keystone for continued growth and will require time and focus from its leaders if it is to be effective.


  • Expand our footprint in the COVID testing space. Anticipated growth areas are in the following areas:
    • Travel – designing protocols for travel companies that wish to be COVID compliant.
    • Travel – provision of PPE/COVID testing for travel company customers.
    • Travel – providing COVID solutions for isolated geographies – islands/mountains etc
    • Events – partnering with event companies/stadiums/teams.
    • Defence – target large providers for COVID solutions.
  • Lateral integration of existing business into broader business resilience piece.
  • Develop our presence in the leadership training space.
  • Market awareness – media coverage to develop awareness that helps develop pipeline and sales leads.
  • Strategic coverage – elevate our position with the media and establish our leaders as a trusted source for journalists.
  • Manage risk – we believe that by having relationships in place with journalists, having a crisis plan in place, and pre-establishing a positive narrative around RE:SILIENT we will be well placed to navigate any issues that may arise in the future.

KPIs and Reporting will be agreed during the hiring process, but our focus is on outcomes rather than  activity reports.


  • Paul Spackman – Managing Director. Paul Spackman manages RE:ACT’s trading subsidiary, RE:SILIENT, providing ethical and sustainable solutions to improve businesses while generating important funds for RE:ACT’s humanitarian mission. Paul joined the charity in July 2020 and in a short period of time has established RE:SILIENT’s commercial offering. This includes a partnership with Cignpost Diagnostics to provide rapid on-site Covid-19 testing, aiding the UK’s economic recovery by creating safe managed environments for businesses. Paul served for nine years in the Army, leading large operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as delivering leadership and tactical training at the Infantry Battle School in the UK. He also served as the British Advisor to the Jordanian Royal Military Academy. Upon leaving the Army, Paul worked in senior roles in security and risk management for the Atomic Weapons Establishment and Babcock International, before setting up his own leadership training and management consultancy.
  • Jonathon Wynniatt-Husey – Commercial Director. Former officer in the Coldstream Guards. Ex banker, worked at SBC Warburg, UBS, Lehman Bros and Goldman Sachs as SVP in Prime Brokerage. Built and/or ran the equity portfolio swap business for two banks focussing on high frequency trading. Involved with number of projects including strategic planning for a property rental business, development of a closed ended fund for marketing of image rights, fund raising for tech platform. Country manager in Afghanistan importing >50% of US military’s logistics requirement. Built a 22 acre in country supply hub and recce’d and opened the border with Uzbekistan for US military resupply. Volunteer and trainer with RE:ACT, deployed in the UK, Bahamas and Mozambique.
  • Justin Taylor – Head of Operations. Former professional yachtsman and round the world yacht racing skipper for Clipper Ventures. Built, trained and led lead teams of amateur sailors into the harshest of ocean conditions with a focus on performance excellence.  Former race director for Sir Robin Knox Johnston’s around the world yacht race, responsible for client operations, crew training and boat maintenance with overall responsibility for managing and running a safe and successful global biennial event with 750 participants, spanning 6 continents, across a 40,000 mile race track.  Most recently managed the sailing operations across 8 global regions for a world market leader, specialising in small group adventure holidays.
  • Eleanor Blevin – HR Manager. Wide range of HR experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors, including the NHS, the education sector, Allianz global insurance and Gala Coral. Skills include managing and developing teams, change management, employment law and recruitment.
  • Thérèse de Cuevas – Finance Manager: Former Finance & Production Manager for luxury British milliner Vivien Sheriff; Commercial & Finance Manager for archaeological tour operator Andante Travels through period of growth and eventual purchase by Specialist Journeys. Particular focus on cost saving, pricing and yield management.

Expressions of interest should be submitted to Eleanor Blevin, HR Manager:

We appreciate your time and effort in advance of your proposal and look forward to reviewing the results.