Creating high performance leaders

Every successful business is built on an engaged workforce with a clear sense of purpose. Leadership is critical to creating the right environment for success, aligning culture, values and mission and ensuring people are inspired and empowered to do their job to the best of their ability. Real leadership isn’t top-down and directed but involves everyone at every level working collaboratively.

RE:SILIENT offers formal and bespoke high performance leadership training that improves the leadership qualities of all levels of leadership. Using RE:ACT’s humanitarian experience and military expertise, the RE:SILIENT Leadership Programme applies innovative methods to challenge and inspire leaders, developing a richer understanding of leadership and teaching core skills and techniques in fundamentals such as communication, collaboration, negotiation, conflict management, trust, empowerment, resilience, self-awareness and empathy.

Virtual Leadership Challenge

The Virtual Leadership Challenge is an immersive online training programme delivered in an engaging and competitive format by experienced development coaches, providing the tools and confidence to meet the demands of modern leadership in a virtual setting.

The challenge has been designed specifically to meet the demands of remote working, ensuring leadership skills remain relevant and effective and teams are kept engaged, energised and involved. It is appropriate for any level of employee, from senior to junior positions.

The RE:ACT Virtual Leadership Challenge 2021

The inaugural RE:ACT Virtual Leadership Challenge offers a unique opportunity to conquer the challenges of remote working to be a more effective virtual leader and continue to inspire and support your team. All profits go to RE:ACT to help the most vulnerable people in need during crisis.

Modules 1 and 3 are half days (0930 to 1230 or 1330 to 1700) of virtual leadership training delivered online via Zoom, with Module 2 completed offline by the individual teams.


Leadership Development

Focusing on the essential leadership skills for virtual working, teams will undertake a number of virtual leadership tasks. Teams receive targeted feedback on their learning and performance, how to adapt techniques and apply them in the workplace.


Monday 16 Nov: 1330-1700

Tuesday 17 Nov: 0900-1230; 1330-1700

Wednesday 18 Nov: 0900-1230; 1330-1700

Thursday 19 Nov: 0900-1230; 1330-1700


Team Fundraising

Inspiring teamwork and enabling organisations to support RE:ACT and its ongoing humanitarian work. Each team will be challenged to raise a minimum of £500 for RE:ACT. This provides an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in action by delivering quickly, efficiently and effectively and learning how to engage a workforce in CSR issues.


Friday 20 Nov – Friday 4 Dec (completed at own schedule)


Leadership Challenge

Putting your skills and competitiveness to the test in a dynamic contest that applies your learning. 7 challenge heats, with 8 teams in each heat. Each team completes the same challenge; a complex project based on lessons from Module 1.


Monday 7 Dec: 1330-1700

Tuesday 8 Dec: 0900-1230; 1330-1700

Wednesday 9 Dec: 0900-1230; 1330-1700

Thursday 10 Dec: 0900-1230; 1330-1700

£1,500 (exc. vat) per 8-person team

All profits go to RE:ACT